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What is PowToon?

A revolutionary platform that allows professionals and educators to create eye-popping presentations and animated videos with ease and at a fraction of the usual cost.

Now, you could boost profits simply by using the animated videos (Powtoons) to engage your current audiences in a powerful and entertaining new way, as well as tapping into new markets.

You can earn extra income through PowToon—simply by referring it to your business associates, friends, family...anyone!

Every PowToon Referral is Money in Your Pocket!


PowToon Benefits:

  • Drag-n-Drop Simple! 
  • Massive Savings compared with Studio work!
  • Super Speedy Results! 
  • Expansive Library of Elements and Styles! 
  • Multimedia Compatibility on any Platform! 




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much can I earn with PowToon?

    Once you become a PowToon affiliate you can earn up to 30% from the money paid on subscription and other PowToon packages.  Average spend per user is about $90 so you can earn on average about $27 per paid user.      

  2. Do you pay via Paypal and how often do you pay?

    Subscriptions are paid via PayPal at the beginning of each following month, after the user paid for the product.  

  3. Where can I advertise your products and services?

    PowToon target audience are Small Business Owners, CXOsMarketing Pros, Startup Founders, Presenters and Designers. Wherever these individuals hang out there where you can reach them...